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During the field trip, which was held Thursday, February 22, 2018, I have made a lot of realizations. Throughout the entirety of the day, I learned much about the world around me, space, and my health concerning my contact with plastics. The field trip was not only enjoyable, but it was highly educational as well. The first thing that my classmates and I watched was the movie “Oasis in Space” in the Thronateeska planetarium. I sat in the second row with my group (3 of my friends) and attempted to get comfortable. My friend sitting to my right said, “I don’t like planetarium movies. They’re boring”, but she quickly changed her mind. This movie took me on a journey through space, guiding me through humankind’s search for water. I learned some surprising facts, such as there is evidence that water once flowed on Mars. Which means, theoretically, life could have once existed on the planet Mars. “That was cool!” My friend said as we exited the planetarium. Once we left the planetarium, we went on to explore the rest of the museum. Our teachers gave us a scavenger hunt to complete; it was fun and challenging. My friends and I wandered around the museum,…show more content…
The uncomfortable position didn’t bother me much, because the film was exceedingly entertaining and eye opening. It demonstrated how much humans depend on plastic and how it is hurting our environment. Likewise, there is at least 8 million metric tons of plastic in the ocean, and ample of which is being consumed by sea animals and birds. Because of these terrifying realities, I have decided to take action. The film illustrated the harsh reality of what a simple plastic bag can do to our environment, so I will not use as many plastic bags or I will reuse them. Small acts like these, as the movie conveys, can save our

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