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Marsha P. Johnson was a well-known figure in the LGBT community in New York from the mid-1960s to the 1990s. She would hustle throughout the night to help the large amount of homeless LGBT youth at the time, even though she was homeless herself (Deitcher 69). Everyone loved how she would brighten up a room by stepping into it. Thomas Vallette even said that "she [Marsha] has this kind of glow about her, she is like an angel, [and] her spirit shines through her" (Kasino, The Life and Times of Marsha P. Johnson). Many respected her and how she decided to live her life so proudly in a time where being black and a drag queen was so difficult, but many also shunned her for how she lived her life. Marsha would face discrimination on a day-to-day…show more content…
This is why I think she is so influential. Marsha would graciously give up something that was hers for others and would watch over the homeless transgender youth of 42nd street like they were her own children. Marsha devoted her time to organizations that would further improve the lives of people like her and she sacrificed her time and money. To make sure these organizations kept on running no matter what it took. Even though she was constantly faced with hatred and discrimination imposed upon her by her fellow LGBTQ members or even her own family, she never let that destroy her happiness. When the police confronted Marsha she stood up to them and showed them that they can’t use the LGBTQ community as their “toys” any longer and fought back. People loved Marsha and she loved people and it didn’t matter to her what color you were, what background you had, or even where you stood financially. One artist that was captured by the essence of Masha P. Johnson was Andy Warhol. He painted and photographed some transgender people around Greenwich Village that were well known or his friends. Marsha was going to be seen by millions due to Warhol’s

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