Nail Art

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“It is not just nail art it is art” (Escuadro). Having to work on my portfolio project was very significant because I realize how important art is in my live. Everyone has a certain type of art in their life we just need to learn how to recognize it. This project made me realize how important art is and how it is part of our everyday lives. The portfolio project was also very beneficial because I was able to learn more from my classmates while being able to represent myself through art. The process of making my portfolio was a little challenging but very enjoyable. I decided to choose nail art as my theme for my portfolio class project in behalf of my passions . At first it was really difficult to chose my topic because I had no idea what was consider for me a “collection.” Going through my…show more content…
When it got to my nail tools and accessories such as my nail polish I realize that my hobby could be consider my “collection.” I ended up considering my nail materials as my “collection” for the reason that having nail supplies has became like a healthy addiction where I just can’t have enough. I consider my hobby to be healthy since it is a beautiful and important type of art. Art is not only considered as the basics dance, music, painting, acting, etc. Yet it is considered as a creative activity full of imagination. Art is a way to represent and express yourself through a unique form such as nail art. I consider nail art very significant and important for the reason that every manicure or pedicure could have a story behind or a message that is trying to be convey. Nail art, is like tatoos but instead of having the art display in your skin you have it in your
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