My Zombie, Myself: Why Modern Life Feels Rather Undead

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Monsters As Part Of Modern World In the articles “My Zombie, Myself: Why Modern Life feels Rather Undead” by Chuck Klosterman and “Why Vampires Never Die” by Guillermo Del Toro and Chuck Hogan, the authors explore the wonder of monsters which are represented by zombies and vampires. The points they try to convey are monsters not only represent human essence but also our fast-paced world with its concealed dangers. The writers observe what makes these creatures extremely appealing to watch: human’s hidden fears and desires. They indicate that monsters are like us and they are among us. This paper will explain the popularity of monsters, people’s fascination with living forever or undead beings and how monsters embody human’s spirit, it will help to understand human essence in a better way. At first sight it may seem that the articles are just about monster’s popularity but what the authors really convey is what monsters signify and how they influence our lives. Chuck Klosterman makes a connection between zombies and modern world dangers: diseases and technologies. Del Toro and Hogan, however, not only collate vampires with…show more content…
Klosterman states “when we think critically about monsters, we tend to classify them as personification of what we fear…Godzilla was spawned from the fear of the atomic age…Vampires and zombies share an imbedded anxiety about disease” (Klosterman 385). By suggesting the point, the writer asserts that our fears are based on things we do not understand or cannot control. People, in fact, scared of nuclear inventions, viral infections, STDs, cancer, etc. Evidently, Del Toro and Hogan describe vampire not only as romantic hero, but also as undead monster. The monster that spreads infection and who wants to infect human’s blood. The risk of infection is the real fear in people’s minds. Therefore, it makes vampires strong cultural appeal along with

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