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Sarah Davis 09/18/15 Week Two Writing Assignment Dear Germanna English Professors, For this writing prompt assigned by Mrs. Miller, I decided to write about a movie that resounds with me. The movie I chose is “Uptown Girls”, a coming-of-age and drama movie that premiered in 2003 directed by Boaz Yakin and written by Julia Dahl. This movie is about a woman named Molly, (Brittany Murphy) who has the mind-set of a naïve child and doesn't have a single drop of responsibility. She has never worked a single day in life due her famous rock star parents that unfortunately died in a plane crash, and now has to work as a nanny for an eight year old girl, named Ray (Dakota Fanning) . But as events occur, they both start to play their roles and create a…show more content…
The main character, Molly is childish and is irresponsible. But she emanates freedom and happiness, and I wish I had that. Even if I forgot to pay my bills and the landlady shuts off my electric. I crave the freedom to roam “the city that never sleeps” at 3 o’clock in the morning with a pair of dirty converse and a lucky jacket, and she had it. As I watched the screen with young eyes, it sparked a rusty fuse in me that made me want to break out of boring Virginia and make my life into something to be proud of. But I’m not Molly, I’m not free. I’m Ray, an apathetic and mature child that had to grow up to deal with things that a normal child couldn’t get over. Ray didn’t live for 8 years as a giggly, happy child without a care in the world. She grew up with loneliness and the desire for someone to care about her. This movie is more than just 2 hours of entertainment for me it’s a representation of my life, so far. The message in my eyes is “grow up, but make it happy and free”. Your life should be filled with nothing but happiness and gratitude that you are alive. The way I came across this movie is because my parents outrageous movie and music

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