My Last Investigation Of Michael Bennett

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Could you imagine having to investigate several crimes, then find out that the suspect is always an oversized step ahead of you? Detective Michael Bennett, a single father with ten adopted children was assigned to catch a mastermind criminal. Not only is he struggling to catch him, he also knows that the longer he waits, the more people will fall into the disastrous crimes and mass murders. I will be doing three searches in my book. My first search is Michael trying to find a new companion to fill the void in his heart the day he lost his wife. My next search is Michael trying to find the criminal known as “The Teacher”. My last search is Michael trying to find a new person to take care of his 10 children. The first search is Michael’s search for a new companion. Michael was widowed when his wife died and was left with his ten adopted children. He was depressed by the fact that his wife had passed away; it made it hard for him to concentrate on his job. This is a very powerful quote because it shows how much his misses his wife. He wishes he could have her back but he knows that’s not possible, so he continues out to find someone new to fill the role of his wife. He found someone named Christine. Both Michael and Christine are not together or a couple yet but through out the story, you can tell that…show more content…
This man has caused a holocaust in the town of New York City. He is belligerent and very intelligent. Every time Michael would spot him, he would murder or injure someone and BOOM, he was out of sight. He was truly reckless and no one could catch him. This quote shows that The Teacher is fast and he is willing to do whatever it takes to escape from any police informant, even if it means risking his life. The characteristic of The Teacher will make it extremely difficult to catch him. Searching for the criminal can be hard, but having 10 children that are all sick with the flu is a whole other

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