My Big Fat Greek Wedding Cultural Analysis

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My Big Fat Greek Wedding involves culture between the Greek and the American. Scene#4 Ian's parents were invited to a quiet dinner to meet Toula's parents for their engagement dinner. However they were surprised when they arrived to a huge party with lots of people, lots of noise, lots of food, and lots of liquor. There are roasting lamb on the front lawn, dancing to Greek music around burning torches, and drinking foreign liquor. The Greeks welcome them by hugging and kissing on their cheeks, appearing to be in a state of culture shock, the Millers quietly retreat to a couch in the corner, alienating themselves from the Greeks. Several family members try to involve them in the festivities of the evening. However, the Millers remain quiet…show more content…
Secondly the cultural background, American culture tends to be individualistic, which differs greatly from the collectivistic Greek culture. These are shown in the scene where the miler’s family expect a quiet dinner but the other party prefer a dinner together with the large family. Lastly the norms and practices, the Greeks are proud of their own national roots for example the dinner involves all the Greek food, music and drinks. The Greek greet others by hugging and kissing on cheeks but the American don’t get used to it as they usually greet people by shaking their hands or just say hello.  One key barrier the different parties faced in communicating with one another is ethnocentrisms. For example, the engagement party event portrays what happens when people don’t take an open minded, sacrificial, flexible approach when dealing with people from a different culture. This refers to the Miler’s family where they tend to stay quiet for the entire event and refused to participate. It captures how misunderstandings and ethnocentrisms arise which the Greeks felt that their cultural were not

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