How Did Thucydides Demonstrate The Growth Of Greek Civilization

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A: Thucydides describes the growth of Greek civilization in terms of trade networks by demonstrating the development of port cities, the creation of walls, and the creation of a navy. Thucydides indicates growth when he writes, “… cities were built upon the sea-shore and fortified; peninsulas too were occupied and walled-off with a view to commerce and defence against the neighboring tribes.”(Thucydides Ch. 1 Sect. 7) This view towards trade and protection indicate that society was starting to grow from unprotected and subsistence living to developing communities. Thucydides then shows the adoptions of navies and the importance of strong navies for these islands and port cities. Thucydides demonstrates naval importance when he writes, “After…show more content…
Thucydides writes of beginning fashion when he writes that, “The fashion of wearing arms among these continental tribes is a relic of their old predatory habits.”(Thucydides Ch. 1 Sect.5) This indicates that during this era, Greek cities would plunder neighboring cities and the popular thing to do was to carry arms for self-defense. Greek civilization would later separate class based on fashion indicating the growth of wealth. Thucydides demonstrates the separation of wealth when he writes, “Quite recently the old-fashioned refinement of dress still lingered among the elder men of their richer class, who wore under-garments of linen…”(Thucydides Ch. 1 Sect. 6) The dress of the wealthy indicates the separation of classes and the establishment of refinement and…show more content…
The development of art and culture indicates that the Greek civilization were in prosperity or growth rather than just subsistence living. Thucydides speaks of the difficulty of creating a civilization and culture when Hellenes were living subsistence lives when he writes, “Living in this manner and knowing that they could anywhere obtain a bare subsistence, they were always ready to migrate;”(Thucydides Ch. 1 Sect. 2) This indicates that culture and civilization were dependent on a surplus which was taken through growth and wealth. This wealth was taken through naval development which corresponds with refinement of fashion. D: Thucydides questions the reason for political unity during the Trojan War. Thucydides describes this questioning when he writes,”I am inclined to think that Agamemnon succeeded in collecting the expedition, not because the suitors of Helen had bound themselves by oath to Tyndareus, but because he was the most powerful king of his time.”(Thucydides Ch. 1 Sect.9) The reasoning of unity indicates that the Greeks were unifies through power rather than

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