An American Heroine In The French Resistance Critical Analysis

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1. 1.1 The question When I went to school in France for six months my French teacher made my class read a short story that was set in occupied France. A group of French people was trying to flee out of France for different reasons and one woman of this group had to do a German officer a favour in order to get the permission to carry on their journey. This favour was strongly perceived as an act of collaboration with the enemy by her fellow travellers which stands in contrast with her initially fleeing because she feared to be caught after she had murdered a German soldier in her hometown. Furthermore, I realized that the French seem to love Charles de Gaulle and often talk about him in a way that creates the image of him being the perfect president, a man capable of everything for the well-being of France and the French people. These two aspects made me interested in the topic of resistance and…show more content…
1.2 Evaluation of Sources "An American Heroine in the French Resistance The Diary and Memoir of Virginia d’Albert-Lake" (Albert-Lake iii) contains the memoir of an American woman who lived with her French husband in France during the German occupation in which she describes how the two of them first became involved in their underground work, how they worked and her experiences as a war prisoner. "Christians and the Resistance" (Halls 199) is a chapter that discusses the resistance during the German occupation and the Christian influence on it as well as the influence of the resistance and collaboration on religion. They are relevant to the investigation because the memoir gives insight information on resistance work and participants and possible reasons to get involved in the resistance, while the book gives objective facts and data important for answering the

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