Murder In Sophocles Oedipus The King

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In Sophocles’ Oedipus Rex, the protagonist Oedipus must investigate and solve a murder in order to save Thebes from a deathly plague. Oedipus’ diligence in capturing the murderer reveals his undying loyalty to his subjects and the prosperity of Thebes. His valiant effort to save his people causes his own demise, yet he does as he promised to his people and punishes the murderer, himself, in accordance with deserved justice. Although Oedipus’ heroic loyalty and perseverance become his hamartia, these traits reveal the importance of an honest, noble political figure in a corrupt society. The prologue of the play reveals Oedipus Rex’s mystery: in order to save Thebes from the plague, Oedipus must investigate the murder of former King Laius and…show more content…
Upon Kreon’s return from Delphi, he declares Apollo wants the Thebans to exile the individual who murdered the former King Laius. Once the culprit leaves the city, the plague will end. This starts the investigation of the mystery surrounding Laius’ death. In the beginning of the play, Oedipus swears to the people of Thebes he will find King Laius’ murderer and punish him accordingly for his misdeeds. As the investigation progresses, Oedipus willingly abandons his friends and advisors, Teiresias and Kreon, in order to find the truth about the murder. Although Teiresias, Jocasta, the priest and the shepherd attempt to hide the accuracy of the prophecy from Oedipus, he forges onward to seek justice for the murder, as the Thebans rely on him to rectify the city’s plague. Oedipus’ heroic actions to protect his city result in his discovery of the prophecy and his role as murderer and incestuous son. Instead of ignoring the discovery, Oedipus continues to be loyal to Thebes and delivers a just punishment for his crime: Oedipus blinds himself, names Kreon King of Thebes and guardian of Oedipus’ children, and exiles himself to Kithairon, the mountain he would have died on as an infant. Oedipus’ heroic loyalty to Thebes results in his own demise; however, Oedipus accepts his fate and does not waver from his promise to the people of Thebes. Although Oedipus loses his

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