Persuasive Essay On Forest Firefighters

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Imagine yourself as a firefighter battling with a raging wildfire. You wonder why the campers who caused this fire did what they did. These thoughts go through hundreds of men and women daily as they try desperately to save homes and forests from the destruction of forest fires. Several things contribute to the cause of forest-fires. Uninformed campers cause the majority of the fires and the lack of fire safety also contributes. Firefighters use many resources while battling fires, which costs a lot of money. If more people became aware of how their actions could devastate a whole forest, through learning fire safety, there would be less forest-fires caused by human influences. A lack of fire safety is prevalent in many states. In California…show more content…
Once you decide that you want to build a fire you first need to check and see if the area has had rain in the last couple of weeks. Then if conditions are not too dry, you can begin to pick out your spot to dig your pit. You are going to want to pick a spot that is downwind protected from wind gusts. You also should dig at least 15 feet away from you tent and gear. Once you mark your spot you need to dig at least a foot deep and then build a wall of rocks around the outside barrier. Now you can start getting materials for the fire. Start by gathering small pieces of wood but nothing cut off of living trees. Put your firewood upwind from the fire-pit. Make sure to leave a bucket of water and a shovel nearby. Now you can build the fire. Place your tender in the middle of the pit and then add your kindling. You can build a fire one of the four ways: tipi, cross, lean-to, log cabin. Once you have build your fire you can light it with a lighter or match. If you use a match wait till it gets cold then discard it in the fire. Gently blow on the kindling until it starts to grow. As it grows add more kindling. Make sure to keep the fire small and under control. Now that you have started your fire you need to keep it under control. Once it grows to a sustainable size add larger

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