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Family is an unconditional love. Americans numbers of multigenerational homes are lower than immigrant’s numbers. Americans are raised on the “American Dream”. The American Dream is about being independent and being able to support a family. If one fails to live the American Dream, then he or she may be looked down upon. Immigrants, on the other hand, live with their families until they have enough money to step out on their own. Some Americans move out and they are not prepared for what lies ahead. Immigrants are not from America, so their way of living can be different. They have to think more about how they live, so they can save money. Waiting until money is saved up is the right thing to do. It is important for immigrants to be able to…show more content…
These type of households can help a family save money for a new house. If there are four families living in one house and the rent is one thousand dollars a month, then each family is paying four hundred dollars a month. With the money each family saves they can save up for a down payment for a new house. Another reason the families save money is they split bills and food. Electricity bills and water bills can add up. Having the extra help for paying bills can provide extra money for activities and savings. If there are multiple families in one home they can afford a big house. Most people dream of having a big house and having multiple families in one house can make that dream come true. Multigenerational homes also help with emergencies. If a family member needs to go to the hospital, then it will be easy to go and not have to worry about the bill after. The emergency money is used to pay off something that is needed right away. Immigrants can sometimes have more money than Americans. The multigenerational households help Immigrants spend less money on housing and save more money for the…show more content…
The average American home consists of one family. Americans cannot usually spend a large amount of time with their family without getting irritated with them. Most Americans grow up wanting to move out and have a house of their own. The whole American Dream is to be independent and not have to rely on someone else. Claudia Kolker writes about her experience with a Jamaican multigenerational household. Jamaicans live with family to be happy (Kolker 113). Americans do not see how living with family can make them happy. When a family does not have a lot, they know they will always have a family to count on. Jamaica is not the only culture that has multigenerational homes. A well-known example is Mexicans. Two Mexican families can live in a two-bedroom home. Some do not know what it is like to live by themselves because they cannot afford it. It is proven that depression rates are lower with people that live with family. This statistic is based more on elderly people rather than middle-aged. When people get old they tend to live by themselves because their spouse has passed away. Being alone affects the heart and the mind and can lead to depression. Depression can make some feel alone. No one wants to be alone; that is usually why people commit suicide because they feel alone. Elderly people need to have people to live with so they can live happily for the rest of the life that they

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