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Zainab Abdurraheem To what extent is Beatrice and Benedick’s “merry war” the main comedy of the play? In all fairness it is true to say Benedick and Beatrice are substantial characters in ‘Much Ado About Nothing’ whose “war of wits”1 otherwise called a “merry war” can be viewed by the audience as the main comedy of the play. Benedick and Beatrice who are some of Shakespeare’s wittiest characters offer hilarious comical moments that almost make it impossible to say the other characters offer such comedy. Elizabethan audiences would very much indeed find Benedick and Beatrice’s “merry war” the main comedy of the play, particularly because Beatrice does not conform to the traditional female in the renaissance. Shakespeare was portraying the renaissance…show more content…
A war that involves the heart, perhaps an affliction between man and woman whose pride and scorn does not allow them to reveal their true feelings, hence an imperial affliction. In act 1 scene 1, Beatrice clearly displays such feelings by asking “is Signor Mountanto returned from the wars”. This is a fencing term for an upward thrust; much bawdy humour is used frequently by Shakespeare here being a key example. This specialist fencing term (used here as a sexual pun) takes language of warfare to refer to a different type of love battle. Beatrice is most definitely a feminist and a bold irreverent woman whose character completely juxtaposes Hero. Hero represents the quintessential obedient woman of The renaissance, which is a patriarchal society which Beatrice seems to not be a conventional member of. Her “merry war” with Benedick is definitely very comical as he also has other names for Beatrice such as “my dear Lady Disdain!” reinforcing their humorous banter, proving their “merry war” is indeed (to a certain extent) the main comedy of the

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