Personal Narrative: My Experience In Basketball

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The injury that ended my life waited upon me as I dribbled down the court. It was October 29, two days before Halloween. Three days of basketball practice left for the week. We just got done from a drink break and all went out on the court to finish the scrimmage we previously started. The coaches told us who was going out to play. I heard my name called to be center. Ten people filled the court, half in pinnies. The scrimmage started. The ball was passed in to me and I dribbled it down the court. I passed it to the point guard and then made a cut. I got the ball back and went to pass it across the court, but Mikayla Hileman got her hand in the way. I heard a loud crack and knew something was wrong. I kept playing. After a little bit, I realized couldn’t bend my finger and I could barely catch the ball! One of my teammates figured out that something wasn’t right because I wasn’t playing like normal. They told my coach. He called me over and asked what was wrong. I said, “Nothing I’m fine.” He then replied. “I know you’re not fine because you could barely catch a ball. Let me see your hand.” I reluctantly…show more content…
I timidly walked in and sat in the waiting room, not knowing what the results would be. I heard my name called to come back. The first thing they asked was how it happened and I explained the whole thing. Then, they took me back to the room where they take x-rays. They had me put a cover over my hand and told me to hold it very still. Ater that, I went back to the room I was in and waited wheat seemed to be forever. At last, the results came and were set on the table in front of me. The envelope that determined my next couple months lay right before my eyes. Then, the moment I was waiting for. She announced my finger was... NOT BROKEN. My eyes started to swell up with tears. Even though it wasn’t broken I wouldn’t be able to play for two weeks. I knew I would have to hear the words every athlete

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