The Pros And Cons Of Black Male Stereotypes

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A black man's most valued possession is his honor; and he will do anything to maintain its integrity. Charles was a revered man with strict principles. He was unfairly accused by a woman of stealing her purse. After all, he was a black man dressed in a "thug" manner with tattoos covering his body, and for this, he was misjudged. He was profiled as a hoodlum, and a gangster. Regretfully, negative stereotypes have allowed people to question a black man's ethics. Are black males unique in their own ways? Should black males be categorized by some negative stereotypes that make them seem immoral? Unfortunately, the familiarity many Americans have with the image of a young Black male as a violent and menacing street thug is fueled and perpetuated by stereotypes everywhere (Welch). Although we are all unique in our own ways, black males are labeled as corrupt by society based on event they have seen, heard or experience over the years. Even though the action committed by…show more content…
ABC News' "What Would You Do?" recreated a bike theft in a neighborhood park to see what ordinary people would do if they witnessed a bike being stolen by a young teen, who, when asked, would confess. Even though both thieves were equipped with tools enabling them to steal the bike, lesser passers-by confronted the white thief than the black thief. It all goes to show that the passers-by were more alerted to the type of man the “black” thief was than the type of man the white thief was. Over the past years, Black males have been discriminated against in stores based on their heredity which makes them black and their style which apparently make them thieves or murders never the less (Wilson). Every human being is born with different culture. Black males are being questioned morally not because of who they are, but because of how others generally view

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