Motorcycle Diaries: Relationship Between Education And Identity

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The Relationship between Education and Identity The late Nelson Mandela once said “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” Education plays a crucial role in contributing to one’s identity. Your education can help to define your role in society, and how others will perceive you in the long run. However, one’s identity can also effect someone’s education depending on their ethnic personality and the opportunities that differ in education between races. The relationship between education and identity goes both ways, and both help to define each other. Someone’s education can cause change their identity in society. Much like we see in Richard Rodriguez, who was a Mexican immigrant, who came to America and…show more content…
Based on someone’s identity, their education may be different. Education isn’t always academic and at times it can be lessons that you learn from your own surroundings. In the case of Che Guevara, he was a man who started out wanting to be medical doctor, but after learning more about what was happening in Latin America his views changed. In the movie The Motorcycle Diaries, we get a visual idea of what Che saw through his journey to change his views, and in hindsight what he wanted to do with his life. Che was a man who wasn’t afraid to voice his opinion and we saw this in many scenes of the movie, as he spoke out against what he saw to be wrong. As Che journeyed with longtime friend Alberto Granado, he met people who opened his eyes to the horrible conditions that needed to be fixed throughout Latin America. Although Che attended school and was very knowledgeable, there were some lessons that just couldn’t be taught until they were seen firsthand. Everything that Che saw, contributed to a change in his identity. At the end of the movie Che explains that he was a changed man, and as history goes to show he was correct. Che is a prime example in how education doesn’t just happen in the classroom, it happens just about…show more content…
Students go through the application process for colleges hoping to gain a degree, success, etc. However, the education they are seeking to attain is limited for them in some instances. In an article posted in the Journal of Higher Education, a writer analyzes areas where colleges and institutions are in a sense, manipulating the choices of their applicants. More specifically, the race of the applicants plays a role that is overlooked by many “State politics have changed. There is increased prominence of highly charged, racialized and classed policies, from voting rights, criminal justice laws (Stand Your Ground), immigration policies, and tax cuts to anti-affirmative action, bilingual education, or ethnic studies. In racial terms, state politics have come full circle from fifty years ago. However, the battleground has shifted given the greater political, economic, and demographic prominence of minority groups. Dynamics within and among minority groups have shifted, as with Asian-American, Latino, and African-American legislators in California regarding affirmative action legislation. And this generation is more inclined to identify mixed ethnic identities. So race matters in state policy, differently and in a different context than before. Moreover, rac (e) ism is more publicly present than perhaps since the 1960s. We clearly are not in post racial times” (Rhoades, Gary). In this

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