Moscow Food Co-Op: A Reason For Marilyn's Success

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A reason for Marilyn’s success I believe is because of the business being in her hometown of Moscow, Idaho. With knowing a lot of people knowing her I think this has helped because they have the mindset of supporting a local business and person. The company that accounted for 10-15 percent of her annual sales was her best single wholesale customer, Moscow Food Co-op. The Moscow Food Co-op sold a wide variety of natural and organic products and produce, which most of these products, like Cowgirl Chocolate, were made or grown locally. Moscow Food Co-op in general set the price for her products lower than any other retail outlet and also placed her products in visible shelf locations well. Cowgirl Chocolates products were also available in three other locations. These locations are Wild Women Traders,…show more content…
There was another location in New York City that did much better which was the Kitchen Market. This was an upscale restaurant and also a gourmet food take out business. The Kitchen Market was said to be her steadiest wholesale customer other than the Moscow Co-op. Marilyn also had her products placed in a couple more gourmet markets that ended up selling pretty well. It seems when her products do not do well it is because of one of two things which is either the high prices or being too hot, and in this case where she had gotten to place her products into some specialty food store which were mainly spicy and hot foods, they did not do well because of the price being too high. Cowgirl Chocolates products are also carried by online retailers, these did not bring significant sells for the company though. Although she has had not had the best success Marilyn has not given up and has continued to attempt to promote and advertise her business, and by doing this she has tried to put her chocolates into bigger name and upscale

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