Moral Ambiguity In Alan Moore's As For Vendetta

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In Alan Moore’s comic, V for Vendetta he creates this complicated existence of moral ambiguity. His main character V believes that he is trying to tear down the Fascist Party in power and free the people. However, it is not just black and white, even with good intentions V’s actions are ones of terrorism. Moore purposely implies to the reader that good and evil is a gray area and it all depends on each person’s morals. He is preaching to the fact that there is redeeming and horrible qualities in each and every human; what could be good to V can be evil to members of Norsefire and vice versa. V for Vendetta’s central theme is morals and the fact that they only exist to the point of perception; it is created by each person’s values and experiences. Moore proves that idea by creating characters that aren’t just good and evil, but have good and evil within themselves. When the reader is…show more content…
When the story starts to delve into the personalities of each one there is the realization that all their qualities are not ones of malice and cruelty. When Delia Surridge states, “Oppeinheimer was able to change more than the course of a war. He changed the entire course of human history. Is it wrong to hold on to that kind of hope?” she is explaining the mindset behind the whole party’s idea. They all believe that the decisions they’ve made for the government and the people are the best action. They have this hope in the course they have taken and trust that it’s the right one. For example, Eric Finch is first described as is the head of the cruel police division and is the one who ends up killing V. However, he does it because in his mind that is the right thing to do for the city even though he doesn’t support fascism. Next is Susan, the leader of the party, who exhibits similar intentions, as V. She believes instilling this kind of government is what is best for everyone no matter the negative that come out of

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