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The Conclusion of the Montgomery Bus Boycott brought about significant change for the black community of Montgomery. While their initial goals were not met, the boycotters realized that persistence was key and pushed for their rights for thirteen long months. Looking back on the experience, writer Jo Ann Gibson Robinson stated that “black Americans were ‘free at last.’” On the other hand, Rosa Parks was quoted as feeling like “there still had to be a great deal to do.” While this was a huge step toward gaining equality, this success was only minor in the huge slew of obstacles that the black community throughout America would have to overcome. In the Beginning of the boycott, the initial goals of the Montgomery Improvement Association…show more content…
The violence, threats, and hatred that occurred during the boycott was provided by those who opposed the MIA’s intentions. Robinson states “At the beginning, black bus boycotters had learned to hate and they hated ‘with a vengeance’, but they learned that “hate does more harm to the hater then the hated.” Dr. King taught all his followers that “love is redemptive.” They dismissed the issues with the bus drivers from their thoughts, yet continued boycotting. The MIA helped to provide carpools and they held “ weekly gathering with sermons and music to keep the black community mobilized.” Without the constant hate and bitterness towards the drivers in their minds, boycotters were able to stay persistent and keep the protest alive for thirteen months. Along with their peaceful methods, the boycott placed a huge strain on the finances of not only the Montgomery busing system, but the business community as well. Seen especially during the Christmas season, boycotters unintentionally boycotted the local businesses, as they were unable to haul presents, decor, or huge meals home on foot, so they went without. Robinson notes that “stores took in $2 million less during December 1955 than during the previous Christmas seasons.” Placing this economic pressure on the city was another successful tactic in helping the MIA make their

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