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The case study is mainly discussed about a car company those who are dealing with the rent-a-car business and they are globally established with more than 728,000rental cars and 65,000 employees. As per the case study, this study will specify about the “workforce planning; attraction of highly qualified candidates; and HRM activities”. Question 1 - Workforce planning According to Bechet (2008) it has been observed that workforce planning is very important for a firm in terms of accomplishing their short-term and long-term objectives and goals. The workforce planning is helpful for placing the right talented eligible candidate to the right post with right numbers at the proper place. As per the requirements and atmosphere of the firm,…show more content…
The organization selected in this study is Omantel and Omantel is one of the foremost internet and telecommunication providers in Oman. The human resource management of Omantel is the best in Oman and I would like to discuss more about their HRM activities. Omantel would like to become more competitive in this business world with the support of their HRM activities. The contribution of the HR policies and HR activities is essential for the Omantel to take their strategic decision and…show more content…
The human resource department forecast the supply and demand of the manpower required for the organization and they will estimate the budget required for the manpower and it should be effective for the firm to arrange their budget. According to the influence of the human resource activities the productivity and the performance of the firm should be increase in a systematic way. The impact of the HRM activities in an organization is the discipline of the workforce in the firm and they are boosting up to create an environment with the creativity and innovative products (Kleiman, 2009). Identification of the risk analysis and finding the issues related to the firm, the roles of HRM activities are essential. The human resource is actually do the survey in outside market and they will select the appropriate applicants for the firm with correct level of qualification; experience; and talents. It should be asset for the firm to develop their productivity and achieving their organization goals in this competitive market.

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