Monica's Adoption: A Short Story

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Monica, a seventeen year old girl, brown eyes, blonde wavy hair to her shoulders, freckles and a fair complexion was born into an awful family; both her father and mother, Keith and Jessica Bullock, were addicts and abusive to her. Monica lived with this family until she was about seven years old, and then was placed into an orphanage for three years. There Monica was subjected to bullying from other children, but found refuge in a small spot in the woods behind a home a few doors down from the orphanage. She went there to escape her feelings, and frustrations, but the couple who lived there started to notice her sneaking into there. The couple soon realized she was an orphan, and began to make plans to meet her. After the first initial meeting, they loved the little girl, and made plans to adopt her. Once approved, they were so excited to finally start their family. Monica got comfortable with her new family and began to love and trust them. After living there seven years completely and utterly happy, a recent event left her devastated, because her adoptive parents did something almost unforgivable. Ted, her adoptive father, did a control burning on the woods behind her house and burned her childhood getaway.…show more content…
I mean, imagine that your absolute favorite place was destroyed, wouldn’t you be devastated? If not then it was never your favorite place” said, Monica. Her best friend, Kara, replied; “I know, I know. I mean, I get it was your ‘childhood haven’ but it’s burned to ashes now. You should just get over it.” “I can’t. That place is the only thing that brought light into my childhood.” said Monica, turning away from Kara. Kara lets out a sigh and responds, “I’m sorry Monica, I really

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