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The shining “The Shining” is a remake after Stephen King’s novel with the same name, directed by Stanley Kubrick. Starring Jack Nicholson (as Jack Torrance), Shelley Duval (as Wendy Torrance) and Daniel Lloyd (as Daniel Torrance), “The Shining” is a horror film that follows a family event during the winter in an isolated hotel, where evil spirits are trying to influence them to eventually murder themselves. The film is a true piece of art because of the techniques used to make it, influencing the feelings of the audiences and also including them into the story, near the characters. This essay will focus on how it was edited in order to have meaning, mise-en-scene, how sound was used and cinematography. Mise-en-scene, or “put in the scene”…show more content…
While the diegetic sound reveals its source, non-diegetic sound comes from somewhere else than in front of the camera. Most of the non-diegetic sounds have a serious impact on the viewer, amplifying the feelings given by image. The reason that the sound is that frightening is because in many songs chosen by the director, are based on a special musical scale, used less in films, even in music. The scale is based on the F-B interval, known as “the devil’s interval” or “tritone”. Tritone is “the interval of three whole tones (…). As a melodic progression, it sounded awkward and was forbidden in plainsong and in early polyphonic music under names such as diabolus in musica (…). A strong example is the main theme song, used in the scene where the family is traveling to the hotel. The sequence offers an overwhelming feeling to the viewer, because of its use of panoramic images of mountains, and wide angles, following Torrance family. In addition to this, the sound intensifies that feeling. Composed in a weird key, more exactly in major flat B (a not so used key in composing, such as major G or C) the song makes the audience feel insecure. A better example can be found in the “come to play with us” scene. When Danny finds the…show more content…
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