Why People Shouldn T Go On Strike

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Public workers or employees What do police officers, fire fighters and doctors do when they don’t get what they want or when there criteria isn’t met? They go on STRIKE, strike occurs when workers do not get what they want. Strikes are really important especially when your job is at stake. Sometimes I wonder if not they should be able to go on strike. Do I think they should be able to go on strike? No they shouldn’t be able to go on strike. Some of the reasons I think people shouldn’t strike is: 1they can lose their jobs, 2they do not get paid while they are striking, and 3even if they strike they might not get what they demand. So that means that when you go on strike a lot is at risk when you do so. But you never know when you strike because anything could happen, it might turn out perfect or turn out totally opposite of the way you wanted it. You might just even lose everything you ever had, if that happens you have to start over from base one. Going and living back with your parents.…show more content…
So if you asked me I would recommend that you not go on strike or have anything to do with people that go on strike. If you decide to go on strike it is highly possible that you will lose your job and somebody will fill in for you. When people go on strike it causes a lot of drama and it just interrupts the other people that are not going on strike. In my version I think that there is really no point of going on strike even if you can get paid a higher salary. But I can’t change what people think about strikes even though they are the most efficient way to improve working

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