Midwife Toad Research Paper

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Midwife Frog Animals are smart, and can be just as smart as humans.The midwife frog is one of those smart animals. People assume that all frogs are alike, but in all actuality, not one frog is the same. Frogs com in different shapes and sizes. The Midwife toad is one of those really smart animals, the male takes on the traits of a midwife. The midwife toad is an interesting frog. It has a different life cycle, mating process, and birthing process than other toads. Midwife toads have an astonishing life cycle. They are nocturnal,which means active at night. Most frogs are nocturnal.Midwife toads spend their days in dark places, and they come out at night. They live in rocky areas, quarries, woodlands, and yards. They are very shy frogs but are know to be very vicious when threatened. If they feel uncomfortable the warts are their back will puff up and let off a strong poisonous odor. Midwife toads have the basic life cycle, they grow from egg, larvae, pupae/adult. Though they have a regular life cycle like other frogs they are very much unlike other frogs. (Beltz p.33) There are five different species of midwife toads…show more content…
The midwife toad mating process is unique. The male toad will attract a female by letting out a high pitched call. The female will find the male and they will mate on land. The female will lay axpr. 60 large eggs. After mating the female toad will release her eggs onto the male toad who will wrap the eggs around his back, legs, and feet. The male toad will finish the process and take of the eggs for the next 20-45 days. When the eggs are ready to hatch the male toad will release them into water. By doing this the eggs will hatch and begin to live on their own. ( Beltz p.33) The midwife toads gets its name from the mating process because, the male helps the female during birth much like a midwife. In addition, the male is nurturer instead of the

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