Micro-Fidelio Case Study

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HISTORY Micros System was found Louis Brown Junior, the son and grandson of Maryland dairy farmers. Brown founded PICOS Manufacturing in 1977 to produce these machines for restaurants; the company was renamed Micros Systems the following year. Located in Beltsville, Maryland, in the Washington-Baltimore corridor, Micros found it relatively easy to recruit the needed software engineers. Revenues rose from $1.4 million in fiscal 1978 (the year ended July 1, 1978) to $4.2 million in fiscal 1979 and $6.7 million in fiscal 1980. The company lost $88,000 and $109,000 in its first two years, respectively, but had net income of $142,000 in 1980.Micros System then made its first public offering in February. Undiscouraged, the company's management, headed…show more content…
Base on the fact that both Micros and Micros -Fidelio are from the same entity the functions are listed below: · Micros-Fidelio property solutions enhance guest experience as well as the businesses. · It helps to manage reservation, guest data, inventory and in-house services seamlessly and efficiently. · The front office, customer relationship management, conference and catering management, resort management and spa management that gives instant access to relevant information and helps to deliver a high consistent level to the guest. · It can capture guest information which play and important role in staff being able to provide the superior personalized service for the guest upon arrival. · Myfidelio.net application as the ability to create a single image inventory environment that will make relevant sales channels easy. · By using the internet booking facilities of myfidelio.net, hotels make their own website a real sales portal. ADVANTAGES OF FIDELIO…show more content…
The Micros supply chain, can be very noisy with event information. Systems that focus on what the systems should be doing, rather than analysing everything, can help prevent similar breaches. Take advantage of collective defence and protection policy The Micros breach should have a malware that could execute and still work for a period when such and act has occurred. Though the real damage caused may take some time to uncover if the malicious activity is found in the equation the policies created can be enforced across all systems are used in advanced, next-generation attack analytics on threats, only then will breaches like these may be less frequent. Improve the software Improve the software so that the night auditors will not need to long off the system because in doing so production will decrease. Instead develop the software to allow productivity to increase. Storage and upgradation of information on the Micros-Fidelio Micros-Fidelio information can easily be accessed and removed. Improvement needs to be to not allow information to not be erased instead autosaved for future use and only authorized individual given access to remove any information

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