Christopher Columbus Inaccurate Essay

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In 1492, Christopher Columbus sailed the ocean blue. After many days on the sea, he spotted new land and rejoiced. When he landed, he found many strange people, but they were kind enough to welcome him. They talked, laughed, and shared stories together. They taught each other their cultures and lived together happily ever after. This was how Christopher Columbus discovered America-- or was it? This story is the result of the historically inaccurate history that is being taught to the entire world. Christopher Columbus didn’t just sail on a heroic adventure-- there was so much more to it. Columbus was not peaceful; he was brutal and inhumane. The real events of Christopher Columbus and the Columbian Exchange would make the history being taught…show more content…
The New World crops were never before seen crops in the Old World. These crops were highly caloric which was the reason for the Natives’ power and fertility. These crops included corn, potatoes, tomatoes, bell pepper, chili pepper, vanilla, tobacco, beans, pumpkin, avocado, peanut, cacao, gourds, and squash. For example, one of the New World plants that caused a great damage later in America was tobacco. Tobacco was really popular in the Old World, and many people liked smoking it. However, during World War II, more soldiers died from smoking than from battle. When these crops were taken back to the Old World, they were a great success to the people, but not to the ecosystem. Planting these crops in the Eurasia broke the balance of the ecosystem. These crops soon led to the extinction of some animals, and probably the end of evolution of other species. Alfred Crosby Jr. once stated, “The Columbian Exchange has included man, and he has changed the Old and New Worlds sometimes inadvertently, sometimes intentionally, often brutally. It is possible that he and the plants and animals he brings with him have caused the extinction of more species of life forms in the last four hundred years than the usual processes of evolution might kill off in a million”,

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