Who Is Nike Adjusting Her Sandal

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The marble sculpture Nike Adjusting Her Sandal is from the Temple of Athena, Nike, which is located in Acropolis, Athens. Nike has always been associated with Athena. The sculpture of Nike has been dated from 410-405 BCE from the High Classical period and was created by an unknown sculptor. The sculpture is currently located in the Acropolis Museum in Athens, Greece. Through posture and detail, the sculpture of Nike Adjusting Her Sandal is depicted as an elegant woman. When viewing Nike Adjusting her Sandal, the sculpture can be confusing at first glance. This could be for many reasons including the absence of her face and because the sculpture can barely be seen. Without knowing background knowledge of the sculpture, it appears as if she is relieving an itch on her right foot or ankle. The body is positioned to the right with a smooth texture. The work has been placed in the south side of the temple for decoration purposes. Presently, the marble sculpture is still intact majority of the way although…show more content…
The sculpture is asymmetrical and unflustered. The title of the artwork is not misleading as it explains the sculpture and its meaning perfectly. The fabric that covers the sculpture, Nike Adjusting her Sandal, appears weightless and light, as her body posture causes the tunic to slide off of her right shoulder. Another significant detail is the way the wrinkly fabric clings to her figure and the appearance of the fabric itself seems as if it was meant to look like wet silk. The sculpture is visible as a neutral, white color with very distinct grooves where the wrinkles in the clothing are present. The fabric stretches across her breasts, stomach, and legs, revealing the muscles in each region of the body. This action highlights her slender frame making it a very erotic sculpture without it having to be completely

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