Changing Driving Conditions In Colorado

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In Colorado, where I live, the weather is unpredictable. One day you can think it is summer, and are ready to go swimming, and the next day, there is a foot of snow on the ground. Therefore, I always try to stay prepared to deal with changing driving conditions that are evidently more challenging in the winter. First, driving in the winter is much more dangerous. It is hard to trust other drivers and you never know what can happen. Even though many people know driving in the winter is different, they react to situations the same way they would if the roads were clear. For example, if the roads are slippery when you are turning at an intersection, and your car swivels a little bit, your immediate response might be to slam on the brakes. If you do this, your car might spin out of control. It is also hard to see whether snow has become black ice or if it is just soft snow, particularly at night, so it is important to be cautious and watch the way other people are driving to avoid unexpected accidents. You are more likely to take control of your vehicle if you have experience driving in the snow.…show more content…
You have to expect that people are going to drive with more caution, so you need to save yourself enough time to avoid getting frustrated and feeling rushed. You also have to wake up earlier than you normally would to get where you need to go because you have to heat and defrost your vehicle and scrape the windshield. You can expect to take more time in the winter for your safety because it is more dangerous to drive and conditions are unpredictable. Of course, there are some instances when you will be rushed in the summer too. A lot of construction work is going on, and there are more drivers on the road, so traffic can be congested sometimes, but it is a lot more likely that you will get where you need to go on time by taking a detour than trying to speed your way through traffic during a snow

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