Comparing Hamlet 'And Fear No More The Heat O' The Sun

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With Love Comes Death “Fear No More the Heat o’ the Sun” is a poem out of the play Cymbeline. William Shakespeare wrote Cymbeline in England during the Renaissance era. Also written by Shakespeare during that period, Hamlet was written between 1599 and 1602. Both poems have one thing in common; they talk about the subject of death. In “Fear No More the Heat o’ the Sun,” young love, thought to be a happy time, can cause more harm than good and the only way out is death. In Hamlet, it is not the affair with Claudius that ends up killing him; it is his love for Ophelia. “Fear No More the Heat o’ the Sun” is a poem that is all about death. This poem describes to everybody that everyone is going to die. “Fear no more the heat o’ the sun; Nor the furious winter’s rages, Thou thy worldly task hast done” (Marshell). This is saying that once a person passes on, there is nothing to fear. Once you die, nothing can disturb you from your…show more content…
This causes Hamlet to want to get revenge against Claudius, but it is not what kills him at the end. His love towards Ophelia is want causes his life to end. It has been argued by people that Hamlet does not really love Ophelia, but that he is just using her. One piece of evidence that shows Hamlet did love her was when he said, “I did love you” (Crowther). He then goes on to deny that he loves here because he knows someone is watching him. Another reason to believe that Hamlet loves Ophelia is because he tells her to go to a nunnery. It may seem that Hamlet is mocking her, but it could also be possible that she is pregnant with his child. Hamlet then goes on to talk about sexual relations and how it would be bad to bring a child into this world. If Ophelia were really pregnant, Hamlet would not care about the child. Him talking about a child with Ophelia insinuates that he loves her, but yet hides it because he knows people are watching

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