Pro Athletes Overpaid Research Paper

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Are professional athletes over paid? That’s the million dollar question. I am a huge sports fan. I enjoy watching and attending games, but I can say that professional athletes are overpaid. For example, most people couldn't tell you who won the Super Bowl last year. If it was important, most people would know these things. Basically, we are throwing millions of dollars towards something that only affects people that follow sports. If the NFL, NBA, or MLB, or any other sport disappeared tomorrow, the majority of people would be absolutely fine. Today athletes are being paid large salaries for their entertainment. In my opinion, most professional athletes are overpaid because they do not offer an essential function that enhances our world in comparison to other…show more content…
Fans spend money on team merchandise like tickets and souvenirs. If the public didn’t have anything to do with how the athletes got paid, the athletes wouldn’t be making as much money. My argument is the higher the salaries of the athletes, the more it hurts the fans. Professional athletes demand ridiculously high salaries in today’s world, so the fans have to bring in that money. Over the past few years tickets have gone up in price and so has apparel because players are asking for more money. If they lowered their salaries fans could more easily financially afford to attend games and buy souvenirs. For example, my dad and I don’t pay the high prices at the box office when we go to a game, we find someone selling them on the street for cheaper. We do this because, we don’t want all of the extra money going towards the players. If we didn’t give so much attention to them, big companies like Nike, wouldn’t give them millions of dollars to endorse their products. For example, LeBron James has made over a hundred million dollars playing basketball, more than half of that money is from

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