Medusa's Ankles Short Story

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AS Byatt’s story “Medusa’s Ankles” uses color and visual information throughout her whole story. The use of color and visual information in this story allows the reader to picture what is going on. “In those days the salon was like the interior of a rosy cloud, all pinks and creams, with creamy muslin curtains here and there, and ivory brushes and combs, and here and there,” (pg.4-5) shows how the use of color and visuals describe the salon which gives the reader a sense of where the story is taking place. Every sentence seems to have a word or two dealing with color or visual information giving the reader a descriptive story but also relating to how the painter Matisse uses color to create vibrant paintings just like Byatt is using color and visual information to create a story like Matisse’s paintings. Another example of how Byatt uses visual information in her story, “On her…show more content…
For example, the way the desperate women at the hairdresser’s throws a fit by hurling jars, tearing driers from their sockets, breaking basins with hairbrushes and throwing anything she can find. This shows how saturated and how satisfying the colors in the paintings by Matisse. Byatt’s story “Medusa’s Ankles” shows how middle-class people get set on an idea and want something more like looking young again for the main character. This dramatic event is what Matisse wants his viewers of his paintings to notice by the use of colors and explosion of colors in his paintings. “The blue trollies had been replaced with hi-tech steely ones, the ceiling lowered, the faintly aquarial plate glass was replaced with storm-grey-one-way-see-through-no-glare which made even bright days dull ones,” (pg. 15). This quote from the story shows how a dramatic change in the salon and the use of colors is trying to create the same images that Matisse’s

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