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There were five battles during World War I, the first was The Battle of Ypres. Next to Vimmy Ridge, The Battle of Ypres is considered one of Canada’s greatest achievements in World War I. Some of the bloodiest battles during the war were fought in and all around the Belgian City of Ypres. October and November of 1914, were filled with violence between the Allies and the Germans. As winter began, neither the Allies or Germans could declare success1. Countless lives were lost, as winter came to an end the brawl for the English Channel kicked off. It began like so much of Canadian history, on a windswept plain outside of a quiet Belgian town of only 22,000 people. Still damage from the first battle of “Wipers” the people of Ypres thought things…show more content…
McCrae was born in Guelph, Ontario and served as a gunner in the South African war. Later he became a professor of medicine and a physician at McGill University in Montreal. As he enlisted for World War I to serve as a gunner, they were in need of doctors and short of medical supplies. John accepted the job as a brigade-surgeon. During the battle, John spent 17 days taking care of the wounded soldiers and performing surgeries on Canadians and Allies. The death of Johns close friend was the main background behind the writing of his poem. Published on December 8th, 1915 in “Punch” magazine, the poem became world wide. McCrae had become an internationally recognized poet. Still working as a surgeon in many hospitals during the war, John became very sick and surrendered to pneumonia on January 28th 1918. “In Flanders Fields” is read by millions of Canadians and others around the world each remembrance day. A history museum in the Cloth Hall in Ypres, Belgium had been named after his poem and the special exhibition gallery in the Canadian War Museum, Canada’s national museum of military history is named for McCrae as

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