Skid Row Drug Abuse Research Paper

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The city of radiant lights, buildings that exceed our vision and shining weather to warm our souls; this is the city of Los Angeles, or at least, the side of Los Angeles that is exhibited to us. Avenues lined with boxes and tents, the poignant odor of urine and more trash than the eye can behold; this is Skid Row, Los Angeles; the sector of Los Angeles obscured in the shadows. Approximately eight thousand to eleven thousand persons without homes take up residence here in Skid row; awakening upon the frigid, solid ground, and dozing off to sleep with their stomachs deprived of aliment. It is should not be this way. The number of homeless people inhabiting Skid Row is rapidly rising, but all we do is place our attention elsewhere. It is amiss to be oblivious to our people in a time of need. It is our obligation to take action and offer a helping hand by assisting them to find jobs, by constructing numerous homeless…show more content…
A common trait these drugs share is that they are addictive. The majority of drug abusers find it difficult to accept their addiction and seek aid on their own. This is why we will create a support group of amiable persons to dedicate a few hours of their time to help them prevail over their addiction. Helping the homeless dependent on narcotics may be the first stride for them towards beginning a new and improved life. Helping the homeless defeat their addiction will decline the spreading of diseases. This is because several drug users share pipes and syringes. They can spread sexually transmitted diseases and even AIDS. Assisting the homeless addicted to drugs will also benefit the Los Angeles Police Department. Multiple crimes committed in Skid Row are drug-related. Since there would be several homeless people receiving guidance in rehabilitation centers, the crime rate would plunge. This would allow police officers to attend to other

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