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It was the year 1407. The Borgia had just finished dealing with unfinished business with an unlucky guy. The commanding chief of the group was rude, and unhappy all the time. He would kill any man, no matter how rich or nice. Cesere Borgia was his name. He was the feared man who ruled Italy at the time. He killed many people innocent or not. Two of these people were home to a small family in Italy. They were hung for their foolishness. But they had done nothing wrong. This leads us up to the man by the name of, Ezio Auditore da Firenze. His father and brother were killed by Cesere. Ezio seeked revenge and hatred for Cesere. His father had left a gift for him. Robes with much armor and a cape to wear. This marked the beginning of…show more content…
The men clashed and were distracted by Ezio's men. Cesare laughing and taunting the other assassins, was knocked off guard by Ezio. Ezio and Cesare both fell off Viana Castle, still fighting. Ezio kicked Cesere off and he fell to his death. Ezio landed safely with a parachute and looked at Cesere. Cesare slowly closed his eyes. His heart stopped beating. Ezio set off to find a new adventure to find. Searching for his deceased father's essays Ezio found a essay that caught his attention. It was his father's studies on the lost city from 1191, Masyaf. Three years later Ezio had found Masyaf, in search for a hidden library under the temple. Ezio eventully found the library, and the past of another assassin, Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad. Ezio found other artifacts. In order to acsess the library he needed the Masyaf Keys. In the library was Altaïr’s decomposed corpse. Altaïr had rested and passed away at the age of 92. Ezio than found Altaïr’s Apple of Eden. He reached for the apple but than said, “No… I think I’ve had enough for one lifetime.” Many years passed and ezio got married, had two kids and retired from the Assassin business. It was 1524, Ezio was at the age of

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