Mcjobs: Mcdonaldization And The Workplace

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According to George Ritzer, McDonaldization is the process of rationalization that affects the whole society. In his article McJobs: McDonaldization and the Workplace, he analyzes the negative sides of the fast-food industry and their impact on the social life. Based on the principles of efficiency, predictability, and calculability, the process of McDonaldization expands unskilled job market. Ritzer comes to the conclusion that it “is leading to the creation of more and more McJobs… most of them requiring little or no skill” (p. 139). He clearly demonstrates that this policy consequently turns the employees into “human robots”. In addition, he talks about other negative sides of McJobs, such as low wages, a high turnover rate and a large number of young men, women and minority groups.…show more content…
He calls it “the most revolutionary development” (p. 141). This practice is widespread nowadays. Ritzer states, “… customers are not simply paid less than the value they produce; they are paid nothing at all. In this way, customers are exploited to an even greater degree than workers. . . .” (p. 141). To be honest, I didn’t think about it before. However, after reading this article, I began to see things in a new light. For instance, I visited Canada this summer. My friends and I have visited pick-your-own farm not far from Toronto. After working out for half an hour under the hot sun, we have picked a bucket of raspberries. Then we weighed the berries and paid for them. Actually, this experience is an example of using the customers for performing unpaid

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