Arguments In Arthur Jones's Essay: Dealing With Diversity

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The video known as Dealing With Diversity: Hate Groups in the U.S.A. is an hour-long interview with a man named Arthur Jones. He talks about his group, the America First Committee, and he is asked questions by a college professor known as J.Q Adams, along with his students. If you watch it, you notice that this man’s arguments, from whites being superior to all races, to God not creating all men equal, is riddled with fallacies. The fallacies his arguments have contain, but are not limited to, begging the question, red herring, appeal to tradition and ad hominem. In this essay you will find the many formal and informal fallacies Arthur Jones commits in his arguments, along with where he commits them, his intentions for using them, and…show more content…
Another woman tells him that African-Americans only have drugs and smoke and drink alcohol because white people sell it to them, and Arthur argues that they idolize people who do drugs. He gives an example about an African-American man who was a “dope pusher” who was buried in a coffin shaped like a Cadillac, and thousands of African-Americans came to it because of who he was. The woman argues his statement with how Al Capone was idolized for the same reasons, and she asks him “where did we learn this from?” with the unspoken answer being white people. She goes on to say that African-Americans were suppressed, and when they were finally given a chance to be taught, they learned everything from white people. Arthur’s argument is a great example of the composition fallacy, along with the red herring fallacy. The composition fallacy is when the attribute of a part of something imply that the whole also has those attributes. In this case, Arthur hasn’t seen all African-American people doing drugs, yet he says that all do. He also commits the red herring fallacy by changing the subject of African-Americans only learning to do drugs from white people, to how African-Americans idolize other African-Americans for doing drugs. With both of these fallacies in his argument, his argument is most certainly

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