To What Extent Should Police Officers Be Retrained On Apprehending

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Today in society there has been many issues in police protocol that have led to controversial discussions worldwide. One incident that strikes heated discussions is that of a unarmed teenager, Cedrick Chatman fatally shot by Chicago police officers. This has made many question police procedures when arresting a suspect. When apprehending a suspect and they turn to run or run toward you do you pull your firearm? In my opinion police should shoot less and result to other options more. If a suspect is unarmed and turns to run away or towards you instead of pulling your firearm there is an option of tactics to choose from when apprehending a suspect such as use of stun gun, bean bags, or mase. Should police officers be retrained on apprehending a suspect?…show more content…
Due to the recent situations of Police officers shooting people trying to escape it seems as if officers do not know any other way to stop a suspect other than shooting them. This should be the last option officers result to. As a police officer you are held to a higher power in the eyes of some, and seen as heroes in the eyes of kids but as more murders from police brutality continue more people are developing a negative perception on cops, police officers are now being seen as murderers, and not responsible with the power they have. Furthermore as an officer you promise in you oath of honor "On my honor, I will never betray my badge, my integrity, my character or the public trust. I will always have the courage to hold myself and others accountable for our actions". By murdering innocent individuals this is breaking that oath. It's unconstitutional, and unjustifiable to use lethal force on an unarmed individual who only runs. Safer yet reliable options such as stun guns, and beans bags should be

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