Compare And Contrast The Conflict Between China And Japan

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Asia is a very large continent. It is over 17 million square miles in size and most of these countries are separated by the natural geography which kept many Asian countries isolated from the rest of the world. For example, Japan is surrounded by the waters of the Pacific ocean and China is separated by mountains and desert. China and Japan are two of the most populated countries in the world they are also very close with only 1,892 miles between the two countries. With these two power house countries that are close together and have very different cultures, conflicts were bound to arise. The conflict between China and Japan was known as the Sino-Japanese war. While China and Japan are both major world powers today, it wasn't until the start of the Sino-Japanese war in 1894 that Japan began to grow into a prominent world power (Sino-Japanese war). This war was started because China and Japan both desired dominance in Korea. Western influence on Asia was spreading and more and more countries were opening themselves up to foreign travel and trade. Korea was starting to allow foreign trade to enter. Korea was primarily controlled by China until 1875 when Japan forced Korea to open itself up to foreign trade to the Japanese could have access to Korea's natural resources such as iron and coal (Struggle for Korea. First Sino-Japanese War). As Japan took…show more content…
China is a massive country with a very large amount of people and its large land mass. With a large country like China losing a war to the tiny island country of Japan they were left demoralized. The people were broken and unrest began to spread through China and with the people already questioning the integrity of their government riots soon occurred. This would eventually lead to the Boxer rebellion and the 100 Days of Reform. With the people demanding political change, the Qing dynasty soon fell in 1912 and China's republic period (First Sino Japanese

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