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Marketing Plan Moonlight Boutique 2017 Introduction/Goals Moonlight Boutique is a well-known Qatari brand that has been in the market for over seven years. Since it started it focuses on producing unique women garments that transforms the concept of the traditional local women’s cape “Al Abaya” into a masterpiece of artwork. Moonlight boutique main goal is to be a global leader in the fashion business. So far a great success was achieved, but to keep up with market the following marketing goals needs to be accomplished. 1- To be number one in customer satisfaction in fashion industry in Qatar and GCC countries. 2- Launch new products and services. 3- Increase sales 4- Grow market share 5- Enter new markets internationally…show more content…
Our main competitors are: - Darz - Al Mutahajiba - My Fair lady SWOT Analysis Strengths: 1. The Founder is very active member in the Boutique. She does the designs and always available for customer’s inquiries. 2. Innovative designs and creative ideas 3. Thinking outside the box when it comes to designing 4. The raw materials used are all of the best quality available. 5. Customers trust gained because of the good customer service. 6. Offering a lifetime guarantee for our products 7. Distinctive location that is easy to access 8. Having POS outside Qatar Weaknesses: 1. Lack of advertisement inside Doha 2. No other branch in Qatar 3. No social partnership 4. We don’t have the points system for our customers Opportunities 1. Good relationship with prominent figures in the society 2. The economic status of the state of Qatar is stable 3. Women’s role in the society is more enhanced 4. The use of the most advanced technologies become trending among all society members regardless of their age or educational…show more content…
We have three main high seasons: the last quarter of the year, Eids holidays, Ramadan. The bestselling period is the last quarter of the year. Selling points - The boutique - Online through the website - Online through partnership with Arabian porter - Through the social media platforms (Instagram) USP unique selling proposition Unique, innovative and classy designs with best first raw materials to enhance our motto “Look unique, feel Unique” Expanding our selling point to GCC countries in UAE and KSA. Brand Expand our marketing campaign through email marketing, content, attending events, ads in magazines and brochures. Website We have already created a new website with all collections and items price. To improve the visitors a regular blogging will take place, google AdWords will be used as well. Creating online shop system. Content Marketing Content will be distributed through social media and website blog Social Media Marketing Distributing content on social media and bring buyers back to the website. Maintaining current social media channels Keep brand consistent across all accounts Posting on daily bases with high-quality photos and new

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