Mark Twain's Girl Stolen

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The novel Girl, Stolen is the story about the kidnapping and captivity of Cheyenne. The book starts off with blind, 16-year-old Cheyenne, sleeping in her car, when Griffin steals the car to impress his father. Roy, Griffin’s father who raises him on his own due to Griffin’s mom leaving them a year back, beats Griffin for his mistake, then decides to let her go, as Cheyenne can not provide their identity. But that soon changes when Roy discovers that Cheyenne is the daughter of Nike’s president. Thirsty for money, Roy puts Cheyenne up for ransom. When Cheyenne’s father takes time to arrange the money, Roy attempts to send a finger to speed the process of getting the money. Griffin shortly becomes the shield of protection for Cheyenne and they slowly become closer and begin to like each other. In the end of the book Cheyenne escapes from their home, using Griffin’s pet dog. Roy soon discovers the absence and him and Griffin try to find her. Griffin does eventually find her but due to an injury Cheyenne has to go on by herself. Griffin also learns that Roy murdered his mother instead of leaving them, and Roy had lied to him. Cheyenne does eventually reach the police and is finally saved. Griffin goes to live with his mother’s sister. Him and Cheyenne end up staying in touch.…show more content…
It showed that even though physical abuse in not common, an environment can also effect a person psychologically. It also presented to us when bad people surround you; you may be influenced so you have to keep the will to be good. Griffin is good in spite of his environment and relationship with these bad people. Lastly, the book was different because the protagonist is blind. It gives an insight to how blindness can affect people and how blind people learn to use other senses and the difficulty of not having

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