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Howdy Texas. Itala Conroy, P/3, October 1 2015, Final Draft, Word Count: 591. I had my suitcase in one hand and my phone in the other. All I could think about was how much this Thanksgiving break was going to stink. A week ago my mom had “enlightened” me with the news that we would be going to Texas for Thanksgiving break, to spend it with their friends from 6 years ago. My parent’s friends had kids whose names were Matthew (the oldest) and Brittany (the youngest). They used to be my friends when I was 5 or so, but after I moved from Texas to Colorado we feel out of touch. And that was how I was going to spend my Thanksgiving break, with some kids that were pretty much like strangers to me. I had pleaded my mom to stay; of course she had said no. I got in the car and prepared myself for the 12 hour road trip, spare me! While in the car I had a lot of time to think about Matthew, and Brittany and our (lost) friendship as I call it. All I remembered having was lots of fun with them. We would play hide and seek, pirates, and so many more games it was hard to remember them all. Suddenly I stopped feeling pity for myself and started to not completely dread spending a week in Texas, but still would have much rathered stayed home, and relaxed.…show more content…
cartoons. “Well it’s a nice day, how about you take a walk.” My mom said. I didn’t want to “take a walk”, but there was nothing else to do. I also had decided to give Matthew and Brittany a chance, I hadn’t seen or talked to them in 6 years, I was in no position to judge them. So we started walking outside their house. I didn’t know where we were going but it didn’t matter soon enough we were talking like we had been best friends for life times. Like I had never moved, like we had never lost

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