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Dance had many important people, each building the art of dance by adding their own perspective. In ballet, though, there are quite a few things that are recognizable and related to the art by plain sight; the tutu, the pointe shoes, etc. There, Marie Taglioni comes in. Marie Taglioni was of Italian and Swedish ethnicity, she was one of the seeds in the history of European dance. She was a professional ballet dancer of the Romantic ballet era, and was born in April 23 of 1804. She was the daughter of father Filippo Taglioni, an Italian choreographer, and her Swedish mother Sophie Karsten, a ballet dancer. Her family was composed of people with artistic gifts and hard work. Even her maternal grandparents were also in the industry of the arts;…show more content…
In London, the year was 1834, Marie Taglioni had married Compte Gilbert de Voisins. Together they had a single child, a boy, yet the couple separated just the following year, Marie’s self was tense at the arrival of her performing rival, Fanny Elssler, in 1834 when Fanny arrived at the Opéra. Inducing for Marie & her father accepting a greater quantity of contracts at the Russian Imperial Theater in Russia’s St. Petersburg, around 1837. But, continuing her career, Marie Taglioni took her leave from the ballet of Her Majesty's Theatre, and travelled to Saint Petersburg. Marie had had a three-year contract with the Imperial Ballet in Saint Petersburg, Russia. She constantly used her pointe shoes for her performances. And at a time titled the "cult of the ballerina", in Russia, after Taglioni's last performance in the country, a party of balletomanes — ballet fanatics — was said to have bought Marie's shoes off an auction for two-hundred rubles, cooked them, served them with sauce, and finally have eaten

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