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Marie Stuart is born on December 8th, 1542 at Linlithgow palace, in the Scotland. Her father, king Jacques V of the Scotland dies six days later: Marie finds herself then queen. Her mother, French, Marie de Guise-Lorraine, assures the regency. From then on, the girl is going to become the object of greed on behalf of King Henri VIII of England. While she is only one year, he emits the wish to marry her to his son Edouard. His objective? Annex Scotland to its kingdom. Supported by the Scottish Parliament, Marie de Guise refuses the proposal of Henri VIII. The latter, furious, tries then to remove the new born when she is four years old. It is a failure, but a revealing event for Marie de Guise: she has to protect Scotland from the imperialist…show more content…
Indeed, the beginning of her reign is difficult: she has to show herself firm in her decisions and show ceaselessly her ability to strengthen her legitimacy with eyes not only of her country, but also quite whole Europe. Things become even more difficult when Marie Stuart, supported by the Church and the Pope and already strong of her queen's titles of Scotland and queen of France, claims officially the throne of England: the war between both women is declared. While Marie Stuart's position seemed very comfortable, an unforeseen event is going to precipitate her fate: of already fragile health, king François II dies on December 5th, 1560 of a badly looked otitis. His brother Charles succeeds him. Marie finds himself widow and her life tips over: Catherine de Medici, who holds the reality of the power, does not want her anymore at LA Court of France. Marie feels an absolute solitude. She has only an appeal: return to the Scotland which she left, but it is for her an unknown…show more content…
She finds her kingdom shaken by the nobility and religious revolts led by the clergyman extremist John Knox. Rapidly enough, Marie succeeded in seducing her subjects, in restoring her authority and in imposing the mutual religious tolerance. Temporarily in any case. Marie Stuart was a very embarrassing refugee for Elisabeth, especially as she always refused to give up taking her crown. She was then placed under house arrest where she stayed 18 years. She became then in spite of her the instrument of all the enemies of Elisabeth, who became more and more numerous, in England as in Europe. Elisabeth felt threatened, whereas Marie plotted insurrections. Finally, she was judged and sentenced to death. After several months of hesitation and feeling increasing Spanish threat, Elisabeth ordered her beheading. MARIE DE GUISE (1515-1560) reine

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