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Atwood’s Alias Grace takes on the incredible story of six-teen year old Grace Marks. Grace was tried for the murder of her employer and his mistress, all the while facing an insurmountable battle of undocumented and overlooked social abuse, hatred, and oppression – an all too common attitude towards women. Atwood leads the reader through a sympathetic maze of Grace’s journey leaving the reader unsure just how to feel; was she a scorned young woman who took out her rage on two innocent victims, or was she the reluctant victim wrapped up in a offense too young for her to truly understand? Margaret Atwood does not merely retell the tale of young Grace Marks- Atwood surveys the nineteenth century cruelty that is oppression of women. She has delivered to readers the investigative psychological journey of a working class woman, locked in a prison asylum, essentially victimized because of her poverty, gender, and lack of evenhanded politics. Atwood validates that in the circumstances of Grace Marks, and well…show more content…
Jordan, to present thoughts of interventions for dealing with (prison) inmate. Dr. Jordan also addresses difficult perceptions and mindsets about women. The Doctor refers to his servant and Grace in unsettling ways, more often coming off as misogynistic; Dr. Jordan, himself, admittedly states in the novel when Mrs. Humphries faints, “The difference between a civilized man and a barbarous fiend -- a madman, say -- lies, perhaps, merely in a thin veneer of willed self-restraint." (Atwood, 163) As such, he, men of authority (medical, judicial, law etc.), and men in general frequently abuse their – unauthorized – power to position themselves higher than women without any conscious of their own vicious daily trend. Here, Simon is amused and roused the sight of this woman in his complete control. Insert possible

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