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My Brother Sam Is Dead Rhykhus 3 Sam as a patriot he is full of advice and pride acting with a casual ease. Sam's decision to enlist can be attributed partly to teenage rebellion. His decision to fight the rebel army was not respected in his Tory hometown. Also he joined the loyalists to join the war and fight. As for his father he was a loyalist and was older and wiser. He did not want to join the war and was disappointed about his son sam for joining the war. But at the same time he didn't want to have any part in the war. He did not want to fight in the war he would prefer to just listen to the king. Also since he was a loyalist he would obey the king. As for the other son Tim he didn't know which side to pick his father's or his brother…show more content…
But if I had to I would side with Sam and the patriots because if our country was endanger I would try to help the country and fend off the people that are trying to take us over. That way I can help protect my family, friends, and the citizens. The more people there are the better in my opinion because 1 more person with a gun could mean the difference between winning a war and losing and if you decide to not help in the war sometimes that could cost us the war and we lose. I’m not saying you should join a war when the time comes and the U.S. needs more troops i’m just saying what the possible outcomes are if people don't help. But in the book this is how sam joined the war first he got home from college, told his family he was gonna join the war and his father doesn't want him to and sam got mad and ran away, then the next day Tim went to Sam’s hideout when rebel soldiers demanded his father for his gun, once he reached the place both Tim and Sam ran back and realized that their father was spared. Then that's about when Sam joins the war. Then Time passes a neighbor named Mr.Heron and asked if…show more content…
Tim runs away and takes the wagon of goods back home by himself and matures overnight to take over the tavern. In spring 1777 people were killed by the British including one of his best friend. Several months later Tim and his mother heard that Life meeker was killed on a prison ship. Then later his brother finally came back from the war and convinced Sam to kill the 8 cattle he had to prevent cattle theft but Tim was hesitant. Then later 2 men try to steal some cattle and Sam tried to stop them but was restrained and General Putnam is determined to make an example out of somebody for cattle stealing. Tim and his mother tried to convince his innocence but the general did not change his mind.On February 16, 1779, Tim looks on as Sam is publicly shot. Their culture back then was a lot different from ours back then because now days we have a different type of government where we have to pay taxes but all of us are equal with are taxes and back then i think they did have to pay taxes but there were kings and queens and sometimes the lower rank you are in their system the more you have to pay taxes. Also their technology back then was a lot less advanced because they didn't have cars but they did have ships but those ships were

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