Mamdanek Concentration Camp Research Paper

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Majdanek Concentration Camp The Majdanek concentration camp was used for Jews to work and to kill them.The Germans kill the Jews only when they are weakened and can't walk anymore or get up. The Majdanek concentration camp begins in the early on October 1941 when 2000 Soviet POWs arrived. The Majdanek camp was located in a suburb just about three miles from Lublin in Poland in the centre of the General Government area. The Majdanek was the first camp to be liberated. The Majdanek camp was also never taken seriously by scholars. The Jews would get killed everyday and it would sometimes be dangerous. The Jews don't have a way to escape from the concentration camp because the fence are electrical and if they touch it it will tase them and kill them. If they did make it to escape, they will still die because there are many Nazis around the camp and other places. Jews were forbidden to do many things. At the Museum of Tolerance in Los Angeles educates people about how the Nazis treated the Jews with exhibits like the holocaust.…show more content…
There are mass of Jews reside in the generalgouvernement in 1941 and all the Jews didn't want to die and all what they want to do is stay with their family and praying to God . There were many Jews residing in the .150 Jews, seized off the streets of Lublin on December 12, 1941. The first Jews were to be forced in Majdanek laborers. There were many Jews that left Germany and some stayed and the Jews that stayed thought it was going to get better more

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