Maligned Slacker Dude

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Two cheers for the Maligned Slacker Dude, Analysis “Two Cheers for the Maligned Slacker Dude”, is an article written by Nathan Robin. Robin tries to convince the audience that men from late teens to late twenties are not to be thought of as someone that will never progress in life, due to extensive college life or slacking throughout their twenties. He uses as an example a character from the movie “Knocked Up” and several successful young men in their twenties to prove his argument. Although Robin has Great examples of successful young men, he doesn’t show enough information such as statistics between successful and unsuccessful young men. It seems as if Robin cherry picked the successful young men he talks about, and doesn’t generalize with the average Joe.…show more content…
Yet in the movie Rogan is successful at the end for accomplishing his goal of creating a website that showed celebrity nudity. It is then talked about Mark Zuckerberg, a 26 year old now businessman that created a social network in his dorm room. Robin uses other three examples of successful young men that had worked for PayPal. Those three young men turned out to be the creators of YouTube. Robin points out how other now famous young people used YouTube as a resource to become famous, such as Justin Bieber. He then uses himself as an example, being a successful head entertainment writer. Robin explains his point of view in the difference between people that have children during their 20s and people that wait till their 30s and how he characterizes them. In the end he explains how social Networks affect our new

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