Male Prison Vs Female Prison Essay

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Every day we see both Males and females break the law and sanction as a result. Depending on the severity of the case it could lead to imprisonment for a period of time. The United States have many types of prisons. Some include juvenile prison, some are prisons with minimum security and some with high security. They have psychiatric prisons where people with mental problems are held. They also have prisons for all-male inmates and all-female inmates. In this essay I’m going to talk about the similarities of an all-male prison and an all-female prisons. The first similarity about both male and female prisons are that they have corrupted correctional Officers that are controlled by their power of authority. Once a person is in prison it’s up to the CO’s to input control to the inmates while they are in the institution. While in prison inmates only have limited supplies and privileges. Some Correctional Officers will make arrangements with inmate and accept bribes that favor themselves. Some inmates will do everything in their power to find collaterals for different things they need or may want. For example an inmate may need to make a phone call outside of the permitted hours, they will then make an agreement with the Correctional Officer in that shift so that the call could happen. They will give money or anything…show more content…
Violence in prison happens on the daily basic. Sometimes while incarcerated a person may come across another individual in which they have a grudge with and they use that opportunity to fight and handle their problems. Many inmates don’t even care about the consequences since they aren’t coming out any time soon. There have been cases where inmates got beat up just because. You have to be on alert and ready to defend yourself

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