The Return Of Superman Character Analysis

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Can you imagine what would happen if a father had to take care of her own child without the help of his wife? How the excitement when the father had to take care of things that are usually done by the mother? The theme is what encouraged me to watch this show. And in fact, this show able to make me fall in love since the first episode! Not only entertaining, but this show also gives a lot of inspiration. This show tells us that although the father figure is a figure that is less able to take care of children than mothers, but they will try as best as possible. By watching this show, we can be sure of one thing that "every father is a hero to his children" █ What is The Return of Superman?? The Return of Superman or also known as Superman Returns, is a Korean TV Show that recently gained high popularity not only in Korea but also outside the country. Premiered on September 19th as a Chuseok holiday special program, this program is getting tremendous response from the audience. After the broadcast of three special episodes which is aired from Sept 19th - 21th 2013, due to the positive response, the event became one of the fixed event that aired on KBS2.…show more content…
During the 48 hours, while their wives leaving home to enjoy a relaxing time, the father will take care of all the needs of their children. It starts from preparing their meals, take them for a nap, and playing with them. Moms will give dads a task to do for 48 hours such as bringing their kids for medical examination or take them to school. Although, sometimes dads also planning something by themselves like exploring new activities, visiting new places with their kids, or bringing their kids to their

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