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History of Baseball “King of the sports”, that is referred to nowadays as Baseball. The British museum in London displays a game played with a bat and a ball from over 2000 years ago in ancient Egypt; this may be the trace of the origins of baseball. In the 14th century there were games played in Romania that recalls baseball; but there is no evidence. However in the 18th century in England, a game began to be played; baseball. Baseball, running games, cricket and rounders were folk games back in England. These games involved throwing a ball at a target, while the opposing player defended by trying to hit the ball (History Of Baseball, n.d.). In the late 18th century, the game baseball traveled to the colonies (The Origins of Baseball, 2010).…show more content…
The Macrocycle includes: Off-season, Pre- season, In-season, and Post Season. The training program periodization will be linear, in order to increasingly progress training. This is the most convenient method, because in baseball there are no tournaments outside In-season. The first mesocycle is off-season, which it is used to establish a base level conditioning for the athlete’s tolerance of a more intense training program. The mesocycles will include 3-6 microcycles each lasting a month with variation of speed, strength and power, speed agility and reaction time, balance and joint stability, and cardio respiratory fitness and active rest. The pre-season mesocycle is to increase the intensity of the training program, the in-season goal is to maintain and possibly improve the components that the training session will constitute, and this is the time where games and competition is taken place. The last mesocycle is for the athlete’s physical recuperation, there is no formal training session, but recreational activities are performed at low intensities. The off-season and Pre-season will include the components mentioned at high intensities during a short period of time. During the in-season there will be minor training due to games and competitions, as well as the post-season where there will not be regular training session. The main goal of each mesocycle is to prepare the athlete physically and mentally to reach peak level in the components in order to achieve the macrocycle

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